Washing extractor machine for Mops

Washing extractor machine for Mops


Appointment:For washing of pomo

Sizes:85cm * 59cm * 72cm

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Load (kg): 6,5 Drum volume (l): 59 Spin speed(max rpm): 1.400 G-factor: 526 Residual moisture (%): 22 the


PROFILINE MOPP Electronic controls with LCD display. Special programs for treatment of mops and wipes. Program thermal and thermochemical disinfection A package of programs for processing various linen. Indication of program execution Start delay up to 96 hours Indication of time remaining until the end of the program the


Electric heating (EL) the


Asynchronous motor with frequency Converter the

electrical connection

2 phases+neutral 400V 50Hz Fuse (A): 2*16 Connection power (kW): 4,80 Heating power (kW): 4,60 The ability to switch on 1 phase +neutral 230V 50Hz Fuse (A): 1*16 Connection power (kW): 2,50 Heating power (kW): 2,30 the

water supply

1 connection cold water 1/2" with screwed connection 3/4" 1 hot water connection 1/2" with screwed connection 3/4" the

Package contents

Stainless steel tank The power of the heating elements provides high-speed execution of programs Design the drain valve ensures easy draining Strengthened shock absorbers for quiet operation and long life the


Patented honeycomb drum prolongs the service life of the mops and wipes 2 times. Perforation on the rear wall of the drum ensures the removal of dirt particles and lint. Processing adapted washing cleaning material microfiber and cotton. Patented pre-spin MOP for effective removal of dirt. Washing, disinfection and impregnation of mops and wipes per cycle. The change in the spin mode to achieve different residual moisture mops and wipes for best results "Ready to use" the

metering System

Compartment of the 3 compartments with the automatic cleaning system AutoClean on the front side of the machine The ability to connect from 1 to 6 external dosing pumps for automatic dosing of liquid detergents. Control the presence of detergent in the canister. the


Optical interface for service the


Durable shell frame construction The front panel and the sides white color Control panel color "Lotus" case - white A large hatch (diameter 30 cm) The ability to install a tumble dryer on the washing in a column the


External dimensions h/W/d (mm): 850/595/725 Weight (kg): 105 the

sound Absorbent

The noise level at the workplace according to the norms EN ISO 11204/11203 <70 dB re 20m Pa the


VDE, EMV the


The possibility of integration under the countertop. Reservoir with pile filter Linen basket/box