Napkin Breezy

Napkin Breezy

Article:120124, 120130, 120131, 120129

Appointment:For use on all water resistant surfaces such as table tops, sideboards, bar counters, tables etc

Material:Viscose, Polyester, Polypropylen

Sizes:35 x 35 cm

Type of cleaning:A bucket of water, spray method

Price on request Reserve

breezy is ideal for short term use, has a high cleaning properties of microfiber and has a bulk structure, which provides a convenient collection of debris from the surface.
Performers breezy superior to any other wipes with a short lifespan, and besides, you can easily count how many wipes you need per month per room. Due to the competitive price breezy will not affect your budget.

Material: 60% Viscose, 20% Polyester, 15% Polypropylene, 5% Microfiber.

the range of swipe four colors: blue, red, yellow and green.