Ultraspeed About: dvuhfigurnaya system

Ultraspeed About: dvuhfigurnaya system

Article:147209, 149161, 149162


Material:Plastic, aluminum

Sizes:10 liters, 25 liters

Type of cleaning:Wet

Price on request Reserve

Suitable for all kinds of cleaning tasks. All systems are equipped with easy to use spinning, built-in holders handles and easy to navigate platform on wheels. Given the most common cleaning tasks, we offer the following sets:

1. Ultraspeed About: dvuhfigurnaya system (platform, bucket 25L bucket 8L, with a transport handle)

2. Ultraspeed About: dvuhjadernyh starter kit (platform, bucket 25L bucket 8L, with a transport handle)

3. Ultraspeed Pro: ready to use kit (bucket 25L bucket 8L)

We also offer a novelty — Dvuhfigurnaya truck without spinning (platform, bucket 25L bucket 8L, with a transport handle). The trolley is equipped with a tunneling spin Ultraspeed or About the vertical spin independently and according to Your desire.

The bucket in 25L has been especially designed for spin in the middle of the truck. Unique notches on both sides to protect from penetration of water between the buckets in either configuration.

If You require additionally, You can order a bucket of 8L, which is mounted on the platform, and intended for the carriage of detergents, consumables, paper and other things. Also available to order ergonomic transport handle, and a wide range of microfiber mops for cleaning the floor.